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Data centers are discovering the pro-business communities of Southern Virginia. 

Ashburn, Virginia is home to a number of data center locations and is considered the data center capital of the world. Highly connected, roughly 70 percent of the world’s internet traffic runs through the state. With the state’s continued dedication to local economic development and investment to supporting internet infrastructure growth, Virginia will remain at the epicenter in the years to come. The data center alley in the northern part of the state around Ashburn and Loudon County is world-famous, but the infrastructure for data centers extends across the state. Hyperscale data centers are discovering the many advantages of expanding their footprint in Virginia by building new data center facilities in the pro-business communities of Southern Virginia, or SOVA.

SOVA, with its high-density fiber, affordable data center power consumption, and highly qualified people, provides the perfect location for data centers to thrive. SOVA offers an exceptionally low cost of living and low operational costs in comparison to the northern part of the state and surrounding states which is one of the main reasons a number of data centers are relocating in Virginia. SOVA also has an abundance of favorable site options with abundant space to expand. Sites are extremely affordable and range from build-ready land to shell buildings to buildings waiting to be rehabilitated. On top of favorable tax advantages for data centers, Southern Virginia truly offers the ideal location for data centers looking to establish an East Coast home base that is accessible to the data center clusters in Virginia and North Carolina.


The SOVA region is expansive and encompasses a diverse landscape that features a variety of available sites. Prospective companies or companies looking for data center relocation in Virginia have a wide range of options to consider, from flat, open spaces, to buildable lots with trees, lakes, and embankments to provide privacy, to raised sites situated between sloped terrain, all varying in stages of infrastructure-readiness.

The counties and localities in the region, not as densely populated as major metropolitan areas, also boast an abundance of natural resources with a strong Virginia infrastructure already established and prepared for growth. This, paired with a low cost of living and low operational costs, offers incoming and expanding data centers not only very affordable location options for building, but also the ability to affordably build a facility to their specifications. Whether building from the ground up or moving into an existing structure and modifying, nearly all of SOVA’s featured sites for data center locations offer established utility hookups that include electric, natural gas, water, sewer and fiber, helping to expedite the buildout and move-in process.

SOVA is centrally located on the mid-Atlantic and situated on the border of Virginia and North Carolina between North Carolina’s famed Research Triangle and the data center alley cluster in the Ashburn/Richmond region, and is adjacent to Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital. Strengthening its strategic position on the East Coast, SOVA features a mild climate historically unaffected by temperamental coastal and winter storms, offering data center locations in the region uninterrupted service and peace of mind.

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