As a not-for-profit entity, MBC continually reinvests in community programs to support our primary mission of creating jobs by attracting new businesses to the region. MBC takes seriously our role of corporate citizen, as we continue to deliver on our promises of strengthening the communities we serve. Through sponsorships and charitable donations, MBC has strengthened non-profit organizations across Southern Virginia.

MBC has generated successful outcomes from community investments including:

Education Education

Awarding $5,000 to the four community colleges in MBC’s footprint to help students looking to further their education in STEM related industries.

Technology Technology

Funding high school robotics teams that compete in First Robotics Competition (FRC) district competitions.

Social Social

From 2012 to 2015, MBC donated more than $180,000 to non-profits in Southern Virginia.

Chamber Participation

MBC serves as an active participant in twenty-six chambers of commerce throughout Southern Virginia.

Tech Council Participation

MBC proudly partners with the local technology councils throughout Southern Virginia.


MBC’s middle-mile fiber network allows last-mile Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to extend their coverage areas cost effectively. By using MBC’s open-access fiber network, ISPs do not individually bear costs of network extensions. This partnership translates into broadband services reaching more people and businesses in Southern Virginia.

Last-mile Internet Service Providers who use MBC’s network to provide residential and business services in Southern Virginia are listed below.