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Dark Fiber

MBC offers regional and long haul fiber routes for high bandwidth customers. MBC’s Dark Fiber solutions are positioned to address custom configurations needed for schools, universities, large enterprise businesses, and wholesale providers with interest and resources to light and maintain their own private network or internet networking infrastructure.

Based on availability, MBC can deliver a fixed number of fiber strands now and more fiber strands to allow our customers to expand as needed.  These strands can be leased for longer term period or flexible arrangements can be made to combine upfront payments and on-going monthly expense based on the optimum financial arrangement required working with each potential customer.

Underserved Areas

MBC will extend our existing fiber network to locations that are underserved and may need middle mile fiber infrastructure to support connectivity needs.  MBC works closely with our customers, state and regional authorities, and regional partners to find strategic ways to expand our fiber footprint to address the rural digital divide.

24x7x365 Support

MBC performs testing of all fiber strands before delivery. The Dark Fiber route is supported by our 24x7x365 network operations center and maintained by our full-time operations team and stand-by strategic contractors and vendors.


For inquiries related to the MBC network on our Interactive Coverage Map, please contact us.