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Colocation Services

MBC’s carrier-class colocation services provide secure rack space in an MBC POP for fiber electronics equipment.

Each MBC building location features:

  • 24/7 UNESCORTED ACCESS with separate entrance door and secured key-card access for colocation customers
  • 24/7 MONITORING OF FACILITY, including temperature, power, access, humidity, and remote camera surveillance (pending)
  • 30KW DIESEL GENERATOR BACKUP, all monitored 24/7
  • CARRIER-GRADE GROUNDING of all racks and electrical systems with master ground bars
  • DC POWER SYSTEMS WITH DUAL A&B FEEDS. Inverted AC power available at extra cost at some locations
  • UNLIMITED CROSS-CONNECTS inside the Node facility to MBC or other MBC customers at no cost

Only fiber-optic cable is allowed to route into MBC node facilities. No coaxial, copper or other media is allowed to penetrate an MBC node facility. Inside the node facility, MBC provides single mode (SC or LC) fiber cross connects in addition to coaxial or copper cross connects.

Customers who colocate in an MBC node are provided 20amps redundant DC power – A&B feed, maximum of 70 amps per rack.  MBC provides access to AC convenience circuits, telco-grade 23″ racks, and secure key-card access. MBC offers inverted AC power for an additional monthly charge at some locations. Additional power is available, and multiple racks can be installed if space is available. MBC has the ability to upgrade or expand the node facilities as customer and network needs dictate.

MBC has several customer sites in Southern Virginia with diverse UPS and large colocation spaces that can handle multiple racks and power requirements for web hosting operations, back-up disaster recovery sites or small server farms.