About MBC

Mid-Atlantic Broadband is a Virginia-based leader in creating unique public-private partnerships to build and operate open-access fiber networks. MBC has built nearly 2,000 route miles of fiber in Southern Virginia to bring competition and drive down costs to accelerate digital inclusiveness.  MBC’s middle-mile fiber network provides affordable infrastructure and carrier-class broadband connectivity to drive economic growth. MBC has successfully partnered with regional economic development entities to attract new business and jobs to Southern Virginia with its open access fiber network.

History History

MBC has been accelerating digital inclusiveness since 2004

Leadership Leadership

Experienced industry professionals and community leaders drive MBC’s success


Individuals who take pride in their work and achievements, embrace change, and believe that challenges are simply opportunities should apply

Privacy Policy

MBC’s privacy policy addresses collection, use, security, and access to information that may be obtained through use of the Mid-Atlantic Broadband web site.