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Power for Data Centers

Data centers require reliable and abundant power – and this need is met in Southern Virginia by Dominion Energy, American Electric Power (AEP), and various electric cooperatives across the region. 

SOVA offers competitive electricity costs for data center power consumption that range from 5.4 to 6.4 cents per unit of electricity, well below the national average of 6.6 cents per unit. For businesses like data centers who consume large quantities of power and rely heavily on access to reliable, affordable power, lower power costs correlate directly with lower operational costs, helping companies with their bottom line and data center power management. . To capitalize on savings, SOVA’s local power suppliers foster the region’s local economic development and typically provide key industries like data centers with special rates and incentives, helping to further reduce already low energy costs.


Virginia ranks 6th in the nation for commercial low-cost power and offers the lowest-cost commercial energy available on the eastern seaboard.  

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For data centers and other businesses looking to minimize their data center power consumption and carbon footprint, renewable energy is available. The region – along with the rest of the state – is focusing its efforts on expanding its renewable power options by increasing its sustainable and renewable energy supply over the next ten years. As the region’s renewable energy drawn from wind farms, solar farms and hydroelectric power plants rise, the region will be able to increase and expand the clean energy options currently available to businesses and many data center locations to offer them at affordable rates.

Dominion Virginia Power and American Electric Power, two of the larger power providers in the region, offer a portfolio of approximately 25,700 and 32,000 megawatts of generation capabilities, respectively. The locality of the individual site determines the designated power service provider and the power rates.

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