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MBC President & CEO Tad Deriso will serve on a panel of global telecom experts for Henrico EDA’s Global Connectivity webinar on February 23rd.

Please see the press release from Henrico EDA below for more information on the webinar and how to register.


Contact: Anthony J. Romanello, Executive Director




International connectivity leaders to share how Henrico, Virginia’s latest advancements in data communications give businesses the competitive edge

HENRICO, VIRGINIA, February 12, 2021 – On February 23 at 1:00 p.m. (EST), the Henrico Economic Development Authority will host the “Global Connectivity Enhancements” webinar. Topics will include the arrival of Google-owned Dunant, a transatlantic subsea cable with record-breaking capacity, as well as the addition of a new neutral interconnection platform at the Richmond Virginia Internet Exchange (RVA-IX) and Telxius Network PoP enhancements. Executives from DE-CIX, Facebook, GlobeNet, Telxius, Interglobix and Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities (MBC) Corporation will serve on the panel. The discussion is the third installment of the Henrico Internet Infrastructure Webinar series.

“Businesses interact with an endless stream of data on a daily basis – from emails, to cloud storage, to teleconferencing with partners halfway across the world,” said Anthony Romanello, Henrico Economic Development Authority Executive Director. “For them, the difference between winning and losing can be a matter of seconds; those data connections have to be fast, vast, and reliable. In Henrico, we check off all of those boxes. We’re amplifying our data infrastructure to help companies expand their global reach, outpace competitors, and gain the competitive edge.”

Dunant, spanning from France to the QTS Richmond Network Access Point (NAP) in Henrico, offers an enormous 250 Tbps capacity – fast enough to transmit the entire digitized Library of Congress three times every second. The recently installed Telxius Network PoP will offer connectivity services on Dunant. This heightened connection to France is in addition to the international connectivity services offered on MAREA and BRUSA, two subsea cables that extend to Spain, Brazil, and Puerto Rico.

Additionally, RVA-IX’s much-anticipated integration with DE-CIX interchanges in Chicago, New York, and Dallas will create the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America, providing virtually instant connection with the leading IX operator’s more than 2,100 networks and 500 data centers around the world.

“When our businesses win, we all win,” continued Romanello. “In 2018, Central Virginia data centers alone generated $341 million in economic impact. It’s not just about enhancing our global connectivity; it’s what those enhancements can do to generate a robust economy for residents and companies to enjoy.

“DE-CIX’s new platform in Richmond will transform interconnection, peering, and Cloud Exchange services for businesses throughout the region,” said Vinay Nagpal, data center connectivity leader, executive director of the Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC), and president of InterGlobix. “This exciting enhancement – in addition to fast, direct subsea connectivity to multiple countries – will enable businesses to accelerate their digital transformation. The advancements will also help propel the development of the carrier-neutral and data center-neutral ecosystem currently underway in Henrico.”

Interested in attending the “Global Connectivity Enhancements” webinar and learning how Henrico can help your business? Reserve your spot now. Registration is free, but space is limited.