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MBC Interconnection Policy

MBC has embraced the concept of open-access networks since our inception in January of 2004. It is absolutely critical that networks built with public funds that will benefit the public use be open to any and all providers, including incumbent telephone company and MSO cable companies. 

MBC has a long and successful track record with open-access networks, as evidenced by our successful project in Southern Virginia. Over 50 telecommunications service providers use the MBC network today to reach unserved and underserved markets. These customers range from billion dollar to small wireless ISP’s and local competitive exchange carriers. 

This policy will be offered in perpetuity. 

MBC does not discriminate against any carrier, and is open to all interconnection requests. Most carriers interconnect with MBC today for a variety of  Layer 1 & Layer 2 transport requirements, and MBC has completed Master Service Agreements with those carriers. MBC traditionally utilizes a Network to Network Interconnect (NNI) which allocates a 10G or 100G port between MBC’s network and the Carrier customer network. MBC and carrier can then provision circuits on each others network utilizing VLAN tag’s to identify bandwidth and circuit ID for various customers.  

MBC connects to both the “pubIic” Internet and peering exchanges in several locations, including carrier neutral interconnection facilities of TeIX at 56 Marietta Street in Atlanta, Georgia, Pixel Factory and DE-CIX exchange points in Richmond, Virginia at the QTS Data Center in Sandston, Virginia, and the Equinix facility in Ashburn, Virginia. MBC brings a wide range of carrier neutral interconnection options, which greatly exceed requirements for non-discrimination and network interconnection obligations for federally-funded projects. 

As a primarily Layer 1 and Layer 2 optical transport provider, MBC does not and will not block access or packet shaping, or restrictions on connectivity or bandwidth utilization. MBC provisions either wavelength or Ethernet circuits over our existing optical platforms and dedicates allocated bandwidth as needed.