Sussex County Government Complex

Prior to the installation of the Mid-Atlantic Broadband fiber, the Sussex County Government Complex was utilizing a 1.5 mbps T1 connection that was shared between multiple departments.  In addition to this slow connection, there was a lack of centralized security, data backup systems, standardized equipment and operating software across the government complex.  The project was initiated in 2013 to bring a 20 mbps connection via Mid-Atlantic Broadband to the Sussex County Government Complex.  After meetings with MBC staff to determine the best route to install the fiber, the necessary easements were obtained from landowners and the install was completed. 

“This technological advancement enabled a centralized core network infrastructure setup for the government complex through a multi-phase plan, which standardized and improved the overall productivity and security.  The County departments now share 20 mbps of bandwidth which is secured and managed by a DELL SonicWall Unified Threat Management Gateway. Faster connections to the Internet have enabled better OS patching and more efficient communication. We are currently transitioning from server based email to Microsoft Office 365 which gives us better performance, better options for mobility and new collaboration tools that we are learning to leverage,” said Anne Ellis, Finance Supervisor for the County of Sussex. “The Mid-Atlantic fiber and Internet connection is the cornerstone to our new communications plan.”