Optical Transport

Fiber Network Wavelength Services

MBC utilizes the Infinera DTN platform for providing low-latency, highly scalable optical transport services on our regional and long-haul networks. Typically, MBC utilizes the Infinera platform for services above 1Gbps. MBC utilizes a Ciena network platform in conjunction with the Infinera backbone for sub-rate services below 1Gbps that is highly scalable and offers a unique GMPLS aware capability which automatically reroutes circuits in the event of a fiber cut on our backbone routes.

MBC can provision the following types of services:

  • MBC offers 10Mbps through 500Mbps dedicated services.
  • MBC provides E-NNI services via VLANS for multiple segments at same location.
  • 1GigE wave, 1GigE LANPHY
  • 10GigE wave, 10GigE LANPHY
  • 100GigE wave, 100GigE LANPHY

SONET/TDM Services
MBC offers SONET/TDM transport services on our regional and long haul network.

MBC supports the following services:

  • DS1 / DS3
  • OC3 / OC12 / OC48 / OC192

For carrier customers requiring aggregation services, MBC offers interconnects of OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 to groom sub-rate transport circuits at the STS level. We will evaluate VT1.5 grooming on a case by case basis.